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As a proud licensee of the amazing Wiffle® brand, Golden Stick strives to maintain professionalism both on and off the fields.  One area this shines is through GSWL's team franchise model.  Each team is it's own competitive entity.  Teams on Golden Stick fields are in full uniform, complete with matching jerseys and shorts, game sox, & GSWL embroidered hats.  We also ensure that each team's name & logo are within the spirit of the 60+ year old American icon, Wiffle Inc.  Teams here may have missed the "big leagues" but when they step on our fields they'll feel that the dream is still very much alive!  Be sure to read the below requirements to make sure your squad is ready to compete in Golden Stick.

Teams coming in from elsewhere in the Wiffle® world are WELCOMED to wear their existing uniforms!  If bringing in your own franchise, email the league ASAP.  Include tean name, logo, & example of uniform so we can get it Wiffle® approved.  Process can take up to 14 days. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

-All teams must wear GSWL hats and higher than calf game socks. 
-All teams must wear matching shirts & shorts with team name and/or logo on the front & numbers on the back.
-All teams are required to be in full uniform to participate at any Golden Stick event.

-Newly forming teams without logos, team names, etc can choose a standard GSWL franchise, have one designed, or bringing in their own (requires approval).
-If choosing from the many great GSWL franchises see the FRANCHISE MENU HERE
-Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure your desired franchise.  *First come first serve within a given region.
-Anyone wanting a custom designed logo also must email the league office asap to start that process as well.
-Customized professional logos available upon request for $125.  Your team name, your design, Benchmark Studio's professional touch!
-Logos from GSWL's core franchise logo package can be used for FREE. Each franchise logo c an be used by one team per home region.

**Hats are league mandated and must be bought through GSWL.  Pick out your model, colors, and sizes and send to the league office.  

HATS (PACIFIC HEADWEAR): $20 **Included in league membership for Rookie players!
All styles available. Read descriptions carefully. GSWL embroidered logo will be placed on the left front of selected hat. CLICK HERE FOR PACIFIC HEADWEAR 2017 CATALOG

Teams using GSWL uniform shop can send in jerseys they buy from outside the league.  If ordering through GSWL, you'll be getting the jerseys from High 5 Sportswear.  GSWL teams generally shop from within the baseball & soccer sections of the High 5 website.  Get there through this HIGH 5 SPORTSWEAR 

$40 - Jersey (full color logo on front, 2 color name & number on back)
$20 - Game shorts
$20 - Official GSWL embroidered hat **Included in league membership for Rookie players!
$5 - Game Sox
+ tax & shipping/handling

PDF Version of uniform order sheet:  Click Here




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