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Billing & Corporate Address:

271 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA 01915

Contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

President - Lou Levesque, MA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vice President - Adam Trotta, MA
Co-Commissioners - Rob Longiaru & Anthony D'Auria

Director of National Championship - Dan Lanigan, NY
Social Media Director - Chris Scipione, PA
You Tube Director - Sean Steffy, PA
New England Regional Directors - Brian Dinapoli [MA]
Philly Regional Directors - Edgar Packer & Bryan Weiss [PA]
New York Regional Directors - Rob Longiaru, NY & Anthony D'Auria [NY]
South East Regional Directors - Scott Bragg [GA]
West Fast Pitch Regional Director - Peter Mocabe [CA], & Matt Trzpis [NV]
Chicago Regional Director - Derek Radek [IL] & Mark Martin [IL]

Central California Director - Jerry Lutz [CA] & Silverio Mosqueda [CA]

Logos, Web, and General Design - Benchmark Studio Group [MA]



For those seeking the thrill of competition mixed with some childhood memories, Golden Stick is the perfect place for you. Golden Stick offers a professional atmosphere, whether your here to have fun, or test your skills against the best. You know there was once a day in your backyard that you pretended to be your baseball hero, crushing that game-winning homer. Or perhaps you were your favorite pitcher, striking out the side in the 9th for a perfect game. Golden Stick provides the atmosphere, the players create the story.

Greg Burgwald
On Tilt, PA


"If it wasn't for the Golden Stick events, I'd still be playing wiffleball in a parking lot with 3 other people. My life would be 80% less enjoyable."

Gerard Fitzgerald
Bad Chemistry, NY


My heart yearns to compete. There is no better place to compete then Golden Stick. If the thought of being called a "National Champion" doesn't feel good inside, then maybe this isn't for you... This is the only organization in wiffle that can put those two words after your name in September.

Peter "Moc" Mocabeea
Great West Gunslingers, CA



Golden Stick Wiffleball is the BEST competition around. Period. Every aspect of the league is top notch and no expenses are spared, if you want to play on the most professional stage in wiffleball Golden Stick is where you need to be.

Phil Frisiello
Bad Chemistry, NY 


"Golden Stick isn't just insanely good wiffleball, it's a community. I look forward to Golden Stick events months in advance because I'm addicted to everything it has to offer. One of the best decisions I ever made was joining GSWL"

Brendan Black
Diablos, MA



"Golden Stick has thrust WIFFLE ball out of the toy/game category, and into a highly competitive, organized sport. This league has created a dynamic venue that features an array of talent and abilities. The organization and format is second to none in terms of professionalism; and never before, has a genuine culture of players taken WIFFLE competition so seriously. To play in Golden Stick is truly a one of a kind experience."

Scott Martell
MA Hammerheads, MA



I have played Golden Stick wiffle since 2009. I love it because you get to play against the very BEST wiffle ball players in the country. It's a level of talent that's ridiculous, and it simply can't be found anywhere else.

Mike Foley
MA Piranhas, MA



What Golden Stick means to me. It is everything I could have ever dreamed of growing up as a kid playing this game. More than an outlet to showcase how talented a lot of these kids are and how great this game is. Its a league of extraordinary players and people playing the game of wiffle ball at its highest level. Golden Stick for me is everything when come to the game of wiffle ball. For me its keeping the dream alive.

Fred Bastedo
PA Crusaders, PA


Why do I LOVE GoldenStick? Simplest question I've ever been asked. GoldenStick provides an atmosphere unlike any other. I get to be mentioned by people who lived in California/ Massachusetts/ Georgia because of you guys. I feel like a celebrity in a world that not many know about but should. It is one of the greatest things I've ever been a part of. Gives me a chance to be a hero, to be something I've always dreamed of being...a professional.

Joe Walters
PA Venom, PA


I am a 36 year old in Massachusetts that got involved in with GSWL in 2006. Aside from family, friends, and work, it's been the most important thing in my life since. The level of competition and the guys in the league are unmatched by anything else out there. Come play one week and you'll be hooked.

Dave Fisher
MA Piranhas, MA


Hello my name is Paul Coutoumas aka Boomer. I will be entering my 9th season in the GSWL. From season one day one in cargo shorts and raggy old tee shirt to the last day of my 8th season in a full uniform the GSWL has been amazing. The competition is as intense as any sport I have ever played. But its the players and people that make it what it is. From the commish all the way down to the 300th player that comes for a week. The classiness, respect and energy from top to bottom is why I will continue playing in this league for as long as I can.

Paul “Boomer” Coutoumas
Phenoms, CT


I have played organized Wiffleball in leagues and tournaments for the better part of twenty five years and I can honestly say that nothing comes close to the experience of being on a Golden Stick field. I am coming into my 9th season of playing in this league and it gets better every year Whether you are a superstar, novice or over the hill wiffler like myself, this league has something to offer you. The great fields, uniforms, web site and atmosphere are all worth the price and the feel is as close to the big leagues as you will ever see. 

Joe Love
MA Risers, MA

About Us

Since 1953 the game of Wiffle®ball has sprinkled the lives of millions of people young and old with the perfect balance of old fashioned fun and ultimate competition. Whether at a family picnic OR national title game, life seemingly hangs in the balance with every pitch. It is the classic battle between pitcher and hitter and for all the glory, whether before the eyes of many, or even when nobody is watching.

Golden Stick Wiffle®ball League has harnessed this dynamic and done with the game what only the most foolish dreamed possible. Hence, our slogan, "A Backyard Game Taken Way Too Far..."

GSWL started in Danvers, MA in 2002. For years it functioned in MA only. In 2009, the league expanded to NY making way for the first ever GSWL National Championship in Las Vegas. In 2010, Golden Stick expanded further with GSWL events held in 15 major cities across the country. To date, Golden Stick has sanctioned more than 350 events from Boston to California, each year it's teams strive for the common goal of a national championship. Within this structure exist many ways for sponsors to shine. From various elements of the league's equipment, it's vast online footprint, right down to the players themselves, Golden Stick is a dynamic platform for today's fast moving companies to advertise. Demographically boundless and sitting atop a game engrained in the lives of so many people, Golden Stick Wiffle®ball is where it is at in the game. GSWL features both Fast Pitch and speed restricted leagues creating the perfect playing field for players and teams of all talents and styles.

Fast Pitch #1 | A U-Turn Through Connecticut

Since October 20, 2013, CT's Blue Razrs have been the tallest Redwood in the forest. Winners of last year's GSWL Fast Pitch National Championships in Savannah, GA, it has been a good winter for them, no doubt.

Yesterday in their own backyard of Cromwell, CT, the Razrs were reminded that when playing with the Golden Stick buzz saw, even the strongest of wood can get chopped up quick. In a semi-final game won by the slimmest of margins, MA's newly organized squad, The U, brought '13 MVP Kevin Norris' Razrs down 1-0 to move on to a final game vs. NH's 603 All-Stars.

Led by Matty "Lil' Griff" Griffin, The U dismantled 603 in the right field corner of the Cromwell, CT softball field. Griffin, an 11 year staple in Golden Stick appeared to be refocused in the opener, his sneaky out-n-in riser coming in and stealing he outside pipe like it had a key. With massive jump on the 2014 point race, The U looks good to have already claimed one of the four spots in the 1st North East Fast Pitch Championships this coming Fall.

The nine team event was not only graced by perennial monsters. Also in the field was Kris Morse's 1st time Clintondale Cardinals. The Cards bounced from the DII Semis had a great event, citing "We'll be back for sure" before parting.

Also at their first event was Matt Borelli's Conquerers. Borelli and his counterpart Luke Higgins grabbed K9 veterans Cody Blake, Elliot Knower, and Eric Rosenberg to aid them in their first GSWL event. The Conquerers made it to the DII Final where they lost to the ever-orange Freaky Franchise from Rochester, NY. Freaky, led by Ryan Bush sampled GSWL events last year only to fully commit for 2014. With the type of roster to contend in either DI or DII, the Franchise walked with a cool 10 pts and will find themselves right in the mix when the standings come out this week.

Other notes to note:

NJ's Crusaders look good. Both in uni and on paper. League veteran Anthony Didio will no doubt be a key piece in this team's season. The Crusaders fell just short at last year's OPEN in Georgia and with Didio this year, don't sleep on the Crusade.

Bad Chemistry was short on the day, missing a few key pieces, including the rumored '14 add on Dan Lanigan. However, with the aid of Giovanni Torres and his AAU baseball mate, Michael Caruso they had a good day. A 2-3 record and 7 pts will be a fine launching point in #2.

NY's Craig "Taco" Caras (NY Swingmen) & Frank Kollias (NY Throwbacks) brought in their team Hot Taco into the event. A 3-1 record and 10 points earned them the 2 seed and a bye in the DI bracket. Only after a 3-0 Semi-Final loss to 603 did their epic day end. Great stuff from this team, who are now rumored to commit for the 2014 Fast Pitch run. League vets Sean Mcrae and Phil Fresiello filled in on the team. We'll see if they stay on for the season.

With #1 in the books, the season is underway. With the Fast Pitch League entering it's 2nd bout on May 10, in MA, the plot should only thicken going forward.

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