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And Again...The Enemy Are Our National Champions

Ok.  It's over.  No.  Not the tournament...The discussion.  The discussion of who is the best team to ever play WIFFLE®.  

There are many greats.  And in certain circles of the country, opinions may differ.  And, a certain DOOM mogul in Milford, MA may have an argument against it as well.  But, they'd all be wrong.  In 2019, New York Region's The Enemy, of Connecticut put a nail in this one.  

While the article outlining why this is no longer up for debate will live for another day, as it is one requiring depth in all its mentions, for today, you can at least go to bed in the know. 

Congratulations to the Enemy, crowned National Champs first in 2009, many times since, and here again over 10 years later in 2019.  

Game Over Wins 2019 Player's Cup Consolation Tournament


As is the tradition, teams eliminated from Golden Stick's National Championship contention fall into a bracket known as "The Ultimate Second Chance For National Glory" at Nationals.

So, upon getting eliminated in unprecedented style, the league featuring its first 20 run kill switch in an OPEN, MA's Game Over walked off the field after a 20-13 loss to Usual Suspects, turning their destiny around by winning the 2nd best thing!  

Congratulations to Dan Haverty, Jimmy Flynn, and Anthony Pucci for winning the 2019 Player's Cup.  

Your 2018 National Champions - The Enemy

If we only knew that in 2009, when CT's Blue Razrs came into the NY Region under GSWL's "Enemy," we could have just copied the championship article, to later paste it over, and over and over...again, we'd have been wise in saving ourselves the time.  The all time winningest team in GSWL history is at it again just having won the 2018 National Championship.  

In a fantastic, 9 inning game over MA's 7th Floor Crew (2016 National Champions) Norris & Co. struck first and kept their lead, and are now back on top of the mountain. 

Could this be the sounding of the horn to bring the Throwbacks back in 2019?  OR, will Griffin & Co maintain their reign on the MA Region?  Only time will tell.  

Congratulations to Kevin Norris, Sean Handahl, and Ty Wegrzyn, who won MVP in the chase!  You are true Golden Stick champions!  



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