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Golden Stick is proud to offer the only National Championships in the sport of Wiffle®. These events, The OPENs, are an incredible way for Golden Stick teams to finish thier hard fought seasons and for those outside of GSWL to experience the feel of Golden Stick Wiffle® on its biggest stage!

At the end of each season our medium pitch league, or "Yard League" holds the Yard League OPEN. A few weeks later, we hold the Fast Pitch OPEN where a Fast Pitch  National Champion is crowned. This two OPEN system allows for players of all styles of Wiffle® to seek a national championship.  Many teams even compete in both!  

In the word "OPEN" the chance to become a Golden Stick Wiffle® National Champion is truly open to all. You've played this game your whole life. Come play it for something amazing.

To learn how YOU can play for a national championship this year, contact GSWL today!


2018 GSWL Medium Pitch "Yard League" Nationals date and location TBD


Here's the info on the 2017 event.  Most years are situated similarly:


Saturday August 26th & Sunday August 27th 
Staten Island Little League Complex
225 Seaver Ave - Staten Island, NY

This two weekend long event features two ways to get to the big dance on Sunday afternoon:

#1 - SUPER 16 BRACKET - Earning standings points by winning regular season games and tourneys, the top 16 teams in the country play in Saturday's Super 16 Bracket at the OPEN.  Teams falling from this single elimination bracket are not eliminated.  They simply fall into qualifying rounds with the remainder of the nation, trying to climb their way back to the National Championship Game on Sunday.

#2 - WILDCARD BRACKET - After the regular season, seeds 17 and beyond enter the OPEN via the Wildcard Bracket on Saturday.  WC teams claw through pool play Saturday AM, leading to the Top Twelve double elimination brackets Saturday night, each trying to land their spot in Sunday's Elite 8.  

There is no easy road at the OPEN!  However, the event offers much for teams of all levels.  Those ejected from the above will fall to Sunday's National Player's Cup Championship Bracket where they get a 2nd shot at national glory, $1,000, and the 2017 Player's Cup trophy.

TO GET INTO THE MEDIUM PITCH NATIONALS, EMAIL THE LEAGUE TODAY - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


2017 Fast Pitch Nationals: 

Saturday September 9, 2017 
Plains Park - Danvers, MA 

For the 3rd year in a row, Golden Stick will carry on its innovative Draft based Fast Pitch National Championships. Here, national cores of 2 draft the remainder of their team from a pool of the country's top players.  In the format's 2015 & 2016 versions we saw unprecedented party and a national trophy within reach for every team in the bracket.  It's one day of fury.  Anyone can win. National supremacy is on the line. Who will win the day?

Online Draft scheduled for Thursday August 31, 2017.

TO GET INTO THE FAST PITCH NATIONALS, EMAIL THE LEAGUE TODAY - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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