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And Again...The Enemy Are Our National Champions

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Ok.  It's over.  No.  Not the tournament...The discussion.  The discussion of who is the best team to ever play WIFFLE®.  

There are many greats.  And in certain circles of the country, opinions may differ.  And, a certain DOOM mogul in Milford, MA may have an argument against it as well.  But, they'd all be wrong.  In 2019, New York Region's The Enemy, of Connecticut put a nail in this one.  

While the article outlining why this is no longer up for debate will live for another day, as it is one requiring depth in all its mentions, for today, you can at least go to bed in the know. 

Congratulations to the Enemy, crowned National Champs first in 2009, many times since, and here again over 10 years later in 2019.  

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