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2018 National Championships

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It's that time of year again!  And, this one will sure be a doozie!  We're approaching the 2018 Golden Stick National Championships, The OPEN in Staten Island scheduled for next weekend, August 25 & 26.  


Enclosed are the top 16 national rankings following the 2018 Golden Stick WIFFLE® season, the Super Sixteen Bracket, complete format for Nationals, and more.  

The Super 16 Bracket is known as the National Championship Bracket (NCB).  It is populated by the Country's top 16 teams at the conclusion of the season's regional play.  The remainder of the Nation's teams enter Nationals via the Pool Play Preliminary Rounds.  Teams dropping from the Super 16 Bracket's 1st two rounds will fall to Pool Play trying to advance through the event's middle rounds to compete for a National Title on Sunday. 

Amidst the brackets, the rounds, the tie breakers, run differentials, dropped pop flies, insane plays, and the many things that will blur our eyes on the field this coming weekend, all you really need to know is that; The OPEN features over 20 of the Country's best WIFFLE® Ball teams and the winner will be your 2018 National Champion!  

Teams are ranked by:
A. Regional Champions
B. Super Qualifier (SQ) winners
C. Points earned by winning throughout the season 

1. Enemy - NY Regional Champions (1SQ) 95pts
2. Game Over - MA Regional Champions (1SQ) 76pts
3. 7th Floor Crew - (4SQ's) 112pts
4. Hammerheads - (2SQ's) 87pts
5. State of Mind - (1SQ) 76pts
6. C-Notes - (1SQ) 68pts
7. 10 Run Rule - (1SQ) 34pts
8. Raiders - 75pts
9. Yum Yums - 55pts
10. Playaz - 50pts
11. Dark Knights - 50pts
12. Usual Suspects - 46pts
13. Throwbacks - 41pts
14. Lou's Diamonds - 39pts
15. Royals - 38pts
16. Screwballs - 37pts 




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