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West Coast Showdown - On Location With Bleacher Report

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Earlier this Summer, Golden Stick struck a deal with Adam Sowell, owner of You Tube juggernaut, Talltanic.  Sowell's Wiffle® Field of Dreams, Talltanic Field, a postage stamp on a sprawling ranch built for a kid at heart, is an emerging staple in the Golden Stick fold.  Sowell and Golden Stick have a blossoming partnership, sure to grow Golden Stick Wiffle® in the Las Vegas area. 

Another emerging staple in the Golden Sphere, although still near ground level, is GSWL's new Backyard model where becoming a national champion will often start with moving mom's lawn chair out of the way before a game.  The league, a year into the sample of the idea has big ideas for a 2018 unroll, and yes....this time with the mythical app in tow.  

Regarding the timid launch of the concept, "I'm the busiest guy I've ever met.  It takes me a bit to get off the ground these days."  At one time, Golden Stick was the only thing league President, Lou Levesque cared about.  It shows in where he brought the league from it's 2002 backyard roots.  Today, in addition to the Golden Stick brand, Levesque head-mans a 100 year old insurance agency, and two little guys, Nathan (6) and Caleb (8).  He also has to manage the day to day balance of having married UP.  "I wish the smart me worked with the hungry me."  While this implies that Levesque is actually smart now, what is smart is the idea of putting the game right where it started, the yards of America.  Funny, the league's biggest format is called Yard League.  Or...is was it smart?  Levesque will tell you it was all by design.  Either way, making changes in a 16 year old league, flush with veteran momentum, doesn't come easy.  And, here, at the tail end of the '17 season the league is gearing up for a true buildout of its new road to nationals.  

Also fond of the backyard concept is media mogul, Bleacher Report, called by some, "The new ESPN."  Back in April B/R smashed up some of Golden Stick's You Tube stuff and it went nuts.  Scraping 1 million views in just a few days, the piece caught attention from the Bleachers.  They immediately dug into the nuts and bolts of the world's first and only officially licensed league. 

Today, August 18th, 2017, from a cafe just outside of the Las Vegas strip Levesque sits, tweaking info blasts for next week's National Championships in Staten Island, and this self quoted article, just hours from a turf field walk through with the B/R production team on Talltanic Field.  Tomorrow, the three top teams from the West, Arizona Vipers, Vegas Knights, and Oakland Bombers will meet at the property, for the West Coast Showdown, "The Battle for The Bid." The winner will emerge into the final spot in next week's Super Sixteen Bracket @ Nationals.  And...all of this under the eye of our favorite news medium, Bleacher Report.  What will come of the piece is out of Golden Stick's control.  What we do know is that here in our 16th season the eyes are still upon us.  And, this time...the eyes are bigger than ever. 

This Levesque dude would also like to take this opportunity to mention that just 8 days from 1st pitch @ Nationals, the info blast is just around the corner.  "For the past three weeks, every waking second went into getting me to Vegas.  Forgive me for delays.  This shoot will do us good, and when I come East, I'm bringing two monsters with me.  AZ Vipers & Oakland Bombers are coming to Staten Island to fight for a National Title!"  

Check out the rosters for tomorrow's West Coast Championships:




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