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And....7th Floor Again

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This team can't miss.  After winning last year's Yard League National Title in August, they won Fast Pitch Nationals in September.  After winning Fast Pitch Nationals in September they hibernated.  After hibernation, they won the MA opener 2 weeks ago.  Today, they won MA #2.  We'll get 'em.  But for now, it doesn't look like we'll get 'em at all.

Other notables of the day were Animal's daughter Alexandra making her 1st trip to Golden Stick, the appearance of the NY Royals, showing up in the MA Region with more fans in tow than the entire MA region brought to a home game combined, and the debut of the North East Storm.  The Storm, winning their first ever GSWL game vs. Plastico Quemado, dropped 4 from there, but showed signs that the are one of those "here to stay" types of teams playing very well from all sides of the sideless ball.

On the flip side of the coin, Mike Tuohy couldn't catch a break on the field or off it, concluding a frustrating day by losing his 3 figure Oakleys.  Test played in a T-Shirt and sweats. And, Animal threw his back out again playfully throwing his daughter Alexandra in the air on her 1st trip to Golden Stick.  

The field conditions really need to be noted too.  In the bucket of days we've collected, this one was pick of the litter.  Thank you God.

One thing is for sure.  A few weeks into this 2017 Golden Stick season and there is something special in the air.  Good vibes 'round these parts for sure.  LFG



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