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Going Back To Vegas - New GSWL Region!

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People bounce in and out of this league.  Some bring nasty pitches.  Some bring cool ball cuts.  Some bring grills.  Then, there are those who bring insanely nasty turf Wiffle® fields.

Adam Sowell of our favorite place in the world, Las Vegas, recently landed on the Golden Stick web, and has made short work out of starting a brand new region for 2017.  Inspired by the league's new Backyard Game additions to the formatting, Sowell is at 6 teams and counting. "I think we can get to 20 or 30" said Sowell in a recent interview with Golden Stick media.  

As they have since Golden Stick first brought Nationals to Vegas ('09, '10, & '11), the Trzpis brothers, Steve & Matt, are also back in the mix, LVW becoming one of the first teams in this inaugural Vegas season after an initial site visit where they consulted Sowell on the launch.  Also entering the fray are the Vegas Titans, Sand Vipers, as well as Roughnecks, Tomahawks, & Rampage form the original GSWL Franchise menu.  

Sowell, owner of a company named Talltanic called by league President, Lou Levesque, "one of these guys you wish you could be" has a walled in, Sin City ranch, with a turf field dedicated to Wiffle® Ball.  Now, with the first 1,000 balls en route from the CT factory, the grounds will be dedicated for the race to Golden Stick Nationals, only now, from Vegas, instead of to Vegas.

Book your flights folks.  There is an open invite to GSWL teams to chase Backyard points just outside the strip!  








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