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Yee Couldn't Be Better

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Some call it a hobby.  Some call it a game.  For some, it is the very center of their existence outside of family alone.  Wiffle® Ball brings people together.

In a given season we're graced with a wide array of people.  Over 16 seasons, we've frankly; been cultured.  From the common 1 day player giving Golden Stick and competitive Wiffle® a try, to the guys who've been here for over a decade, this "League Built On Moments" is actually a league built on people.  

A few years back Eric Rajber landed in the NY Region.  Often those making a mark here become known by name.  Yet, for most, Eric Rajber is a first time read.  Did this man not make his mark while here?  Is he a discarded member of the ranks?  Rajber...?  Rajber...?  Who is Rajber?  He is Yee.  

At first it was a sound.  Countless NY moments were followed by a cackle of hyenas, "Yee hee.  Yee hee. Yee hee."  Anything this guy did yielded the call of the wild down a line of 9 fields stretched over a quarter mile track.  For a first time Mass user, the sound of the cry was the "What the heck is that?" moment of the day.  For the NY Region, it was their battle cry.  

Many of us will be known for something before we're done here.  Few will be related to better than a region's battle cry.  For, in this player's every swing was a battle.  His every pitch was a kill shot.  His ever game on a Golden Stick field was the return of the child inside of him, trying to win as if life itself rested on it.  

Off the field, he was also the model guy.  He was a good sport.  He was a good friend.  He spent countless hours helping the region, even working on field crew for years.  He made the trips to other regions.  He supported the league's every direction and always with a smile. League President, Lou Levesque called him "as good as it gets."

Yesterday, this NY Region icon played ended this GSWL era in the Mass Region, ironically behind the Danvers Art Association, where Golden Stick was crafted into one of the nation's best kept underground secrets.  Yee will now move to Israel chasing the next phase of his life.  It is unknown if he'll return to our fields.  But, it is known that regardless of our future fortunes, when we hear "Yee" we know we're doing what we love.  

Thank you Yee.  Good luck, and we look forward to your return if ever.




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