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NY Opener 2017

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Well the season is finally upon us ladies and gentlemen.  It’s been a chilly winter but the spring thaw has given way to green fields, warm breezes, and Wiffle® fever.  Coming off a sick promo video from Bleacher Report, GSWL is looking to once again take a step forward and embark on its best season of Wiffle® Ball yet.


18 teams will trek to the fields at Eisenhower Park on Long Island this Sunday, many of them will be returning veterans. Teams like the Screwballs, Hammerheads, and the Usual Suspects return the same rosters as 2016 and look to improve their positions from last years nationals.  Other veteran teams like the Americans (formerly known as the Playaz) and the Throwbacks will have some new faces on their rosters as they look to compete and challenge for a regional title and even more in Staten Island later in the summer.  Traveling teams like the Minutemen and Way too Beautiful return to the Wiffle® landscape looking to build upon their successes from the former PA region and beyond.


By far the most talked about team in NY over the offseason had to be The Dark Knights.  Daily and weekly videos and posts on social media have driven a lot eyes over to the knights as they prepare to make that jump into the elite teams of NY.  Other squads like the Royals, Booya and the MOB have made some tweaks to their rosters and look to finish in the top half of the regional standings.  Teams like SOM and the Game Changers will have FUN squads to start off the season as they continue to work and retool their official rosters to prepare for a deep summer run.


The Crusaders franchise is making its triumphant return to the Golden Stick landscape this season in the form of two new squads at the onset of play.  Andrew Montero is a local guy that has found GSWL in his backyard and couldn’t be more happy to bring down 7-8 new guys and 2 new teams to the fields on Opening Day.  their arrival shows that there is still untapped potential on Long Island and around the region for players to come compete in the game they grew up loving.


The weather is projected to be 60 degrees and partly cloudy, a stellar day for an opening day.  Start time 9am (830am check in).  


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