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Rollin' High - MA Week 3 Report

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The Mass Region, dormant for a bit after a botched rain out, returned to play today at Danvers High.  Eleven teams, featuring two new squads, Trump '16 & Team Keef, joined on the drought ridden outfield of the Danvers High School's baseball field.  

The largest MA event thus far in this off-kilter 15th anniversary, did not disappoint as the collection of faithful squads all took their fair shot at the day's final dance.

In the Quarter Finals, Boomer's Dirtbags felled the Founders, who made a special 2015 appearance at a Wiffle® ball event, but only to then run into a hot to trot squad of young High Rollers thereafter.  Boomer's 2015 assembly is a real testament to "pulling out the stops" as Boomer has single handedly revitalized the likes of Mike Spencer, and Josh Pereira, two players you'd have to look at the early 2000's to find in a GSWL stat line.  The D-Bags ground it out to a 3rd Place game loss to the Yum Yums.  

Not surprisingly, MA 7th Floor Crew, Matty Griffin's latest concoution found their way to the finals again.  Yet, this time, they were a floor too low, getting out wiff'd in the MA Final.  The High Rollers made national news last year when they took NY Enemy to the wire in a late round bout before a nation's worth of players on the sidelines.  Today, they proved it was no fluke becoming the 3rd unique champion in MA 2016.  The $500 purse exceeds any previous day's take for the High Rollers and will no doubt catapult them towards Nationals

With their spot in the OPEN's Super Sixteen all but locked up, team ace, Daniel Haverty had one thing to say, "New York Enemy...we're coming for you!"





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