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Entering this year's National Championships, the 14 rosters competing for the title were drafted by their owners.  As is the design of a draft, most assumed there would be parity.  However, nobody could have imagined how even it would really be.  With more games going into extra innings - than not, the "simple" seven game format lasted longer than OPEN's of past with as many as 13 rounds.  It was grueling.  It was Amazing. 

This extra innings trend continued throughout prelims, and straight into the elimination rounds.  The event featured side by side extra innings games in its Final Four (603 Vs. Vipers -- C-Notes Vs. DTR), only to spill into a marathon game in the final, extending past 1AM in 40º weather.  When an inch was gained, it was given back.  A lead could simply not be held.  

In the end, the veteran bats of the 603 All-Stars were just enough to climb over DTR's and 603 won their 2nd National Title having won Fast Plastic's NCT in 2008 - TX.  

The event was an amazing end to the GSWL Fast Pitch season that was not.  The draft worked perfectly and has now spawned the basis for annual championships to be formed in a similar fashion. 

Thank you to all who supported this event, and congratulations to our 603 All-Stars...National Champs.  

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