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Enemy Win 2015 National Championship - GSWL Yard League

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Few teams will ever bring to a sport what the New York Enemy have to Golden Stick.  Often known for Kevin Norris, this team is chalk full of studs.  Sean Handahl is one of the league's most steady veterans.  Norris, an absolute beast.  And, this year, Ty Wegrzyn and Joe Purcell shared MVP honors in the National Championship.  They are a team in every sense of the word.

In a rematch of last year's OPEN final, the Enemy and PA Minutemen faced off on Finals Field.  In a game featuring more home runs than any final in Wiffle® history, the Enemy put a spanking on the reigning National Champs.  

Since their first title in 2009, when they took down Trotta's Throwbacks in Vegas, it is never a surprise when Norris and co. raise bling.  However, while seemingly commonplace in our sport, the smiles on the faces of these champs are always just as sweet to see.  Congrats guys.  You are our best.  





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