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Blue Dragons - 2015 Player's Cup Championship

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In 2012 Golden Stick created the Player's Cup, dubbing a slogan "The Ultimate Second Chance At National Glory."  

The Player's Cup is a bracket for teams falling from National Championship contention at Nationals.  Upon elimination, teams get new life, inserted onto a roadmap for an N.I.T. type title and $1,000.  

Ben Stant's run in GSWL so far has been an interesting one.  Ben started out as the "new kid" in the league's Philly Region.  Owning the league's Blue Dragons team he has rarely played from a position of dominance.  In the past Stant has been the pitcher on the team, generally without the roster capable of taking hardware home.  Then, at the wire this year in Philly, Stant signed Anthony Pucci of the disbanded 10 Run Rule franchise.  The move would prove to be a good one. 

Together this weekend Stant, Pucci, and the Collicchio brothers became champions.  They met a formidable MA Krusty's team in the final and have secured the title of Player's Cup Champions in 2015.  Congrats guys and rest assured, Ben Stant is not just the "new kid" anymore.   

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