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Yard OPEN, A Rosie Red Prediction

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Going into each division:
Central Cali Express division: Watch out for the Krusty's. They have beaten Enemy before, one of the best matched teams to play them.  I don't know anything about Central Cali Express, that being said... Krusty's and Enemy come out as the two to advance in this division. Nick Amato has to win when he is on the mound. That is a must for them
Bombers division: Don't know Booya or Bombers. That being said, I think the bandits and SOM are very similiar in that they have strong pitching and strong hitting, but their pitching is not like the Blue Dragons, which is lights out. SOM has stronger fielding than the Bandits and that might add up to be enough of a factor. I go with SOM and Blue Dragons to advance.
Piranhas division:  Don't know Gashouse. That being said, I think Reardon, Flynn and Stein are all crafty pitchers. I like the bats of the Swingmen more and I think they have a more positive vibe that can put them ahead of the Knights.Knights have better fielding and that can be enough of a factor.
Piranhas - Whizner and Foley are too crafty on the mound for the lineups of Knights and Swingmen. Only guy that can hit well enough against the Piranhas is Reardon, he would need a lot more offensive support.
Minutemen division:  Hammerheads are a sleeper team right now the way they played in the Regionals. Polly is playing like a champ, crafty on the mound and solid at the plate. The rest of the guys on Hammerheads hold up enough to keep the lineup churning, meaning no automatic outs against tough teams, unlike some other see saw teams. In fact the High Rollers are built the complete opposite, in that Haverty is a Stud on the mound. I think the Hammerheads can wear down the High Rollers and exploit their weaknesses, like their overall weak hitting. . All said, I see the Hammerheads strongly winning against Augie, but vs. Haverty it will be a great game that might be won in extra innings. 
Minutemen are an all around team, strong all around hitting, it will be a task for Polly or Haverty to be lights out and I just don't think the lineups of either Hammerheads or High Rollers can handle well against Kaminsky or Steffy. Though, I do believe Minutemen are a pitching staff that a strong hitting team can get to, it won't be exploited in this division. The Minutemen pitching will be tested later in the playoffs. My prediction is that Minutemen and the Hammerheads will move on. Hammerheads are more experienced than the Highrollers, so that will come into play as well.
Screwballs division:  Screwballs are underrated. Scrappy team, very tough to get out. They are 2-1 vs. Freaky. With an explosive offense in Bush, Rosenberg and Connor and when they go to a three man when Phil is not on the mound, if Connor's bat is hot, not a pitcher in the league wants to play this team. Rosenberg can hit knuckle balls better than anyone, that matters for untouchable arms like Whizner, Foley, Stant and Pucci to care about. This is an explosive offensive division in general. Playaz can rip as well, Carlo is an absolute stud. We may see the ball flying out in a lot of these games and the pitchers that can keep it together the most will do well. Connor and Phil are wildly inconsistent. If either of them are on, they are lights out, if not, it is a cake walk for whoever plays them. The Founders have a strong foundation around TD. They are back to back quarter finalists, they have beaten Freaky as well, so have the Playaz. Everyone has practically beaten Freaky in this division. Lou's Diamond, another team that can have an amazing hot lineup and strong pitching on the mound. Who knows what will happen in this division! Playaz and Screwballs are kind of more predictable and stable. Freaky is a complete wildcard, will Phil be able to locate his nasty knuckle? Will Connor try to play on two hours of sleep? I can't predict this one. 
Okay let's move on to the super 8:
Minutemen are the most well balanced team. There is no weaknesses at all. Only thing is that they are hittable. Piranhas pitching is stronger. I see the Piranhas getting to the Minutemen pitching and I see Whiz and Foley keeping those hot bats cool enough.
Blue Dragons, Ben Stant, will have a hard time with the Minutemen bats and he has to be careful with the Piranhas Foley. I believe Pucci is a decent knuckleball hitter and I think the Blue Dragons will be able to bat relatively decent against the Minutemen. I think the Piranhas will pose a problem for the Blue Dragon lineup. Pucci will shut down anyone all tourney. Enemy have faced a few pitchers that will just own them the entire game. If they can draw any blood at all, the Enemy will slug their way to victory.

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