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The Group has an Enemy, A Cali sized prediction

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Flying from one coast to the other to play the best competition in Wiffle is what excites me about our sport. My first experience coming across the country was at the 2011 OPEN and watching Doom walk off against Ryan Wood and the Usual Suspects. Unbelievable game to watch. I got to meet some ripped, youngsters named Blue Razrs back then and couldn't be more excited about being in a group with The Enemy this Saturday, guaranteeing a chance to compete against the best.

What? I get to play members of 2011/2012 Doom National Champs as well in group play... Awesome. Can't wait to play Erik and Amato who has tasted cheap champagne dripping from their mustaches.

Playing a bunch of central cal youngsters who make of their own teammates I think has prepared me for playing against On Tilt.  From my experience of last years OPEN, Skip is lovable and loud, and can't wait to play the PA region.

My pops is a Oakland Raiders fan. Poor soul!  Sounds like the Boston Raiders could have a Derek Carr and Amari Cooper showing at the OPEN (could be better then their exp). Have to watch out for the rookie teams because everybody deserves to be in the National Championship OPEN.

As for my Xpress, I love playing with Jerry and Silver.  I travel 4 hours each way before and after our Sunday Yard events, and couldn't be happier making myself sore and sleep deprived for these guys.

I predict that Krusty's Kids, On Tilt, and Xpress battle for the middle of the pack from Group Awesome. Could see a 4-0, 2-2, 2-2, 2-2, 0-4 group standings at the end of pool play.  Top 2-2 team could see Sweet 16 automatic bid. Boston Raiders staying positive and taking their talents to the Player's Cup.

Peter "Moc" Mocabee
-Central Cal Xpress

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