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Get to Know Your NY Enemy

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Well here they are again.  The defending New York Regional Champion Enemy are back for some more in 2015.  It’s tough to have realistic expectations for a team that has won so many titles, but the 2015 Enemy do have a chip on their shoulder.  They made it to the National Championship game at the OPEN last year against the PA Minutemen.  They lost, and have been looking forward to a rematch ever since.  Unfortunately, the teams in NY will feel the wrath of an angry Enemy squad for much of the regular season until they reach their goal of another New York Regional Championship.



The 2014 Enemy started the season out slowly but that certainly didn’t last long.  After skipping the first event of the season, the Enemy went on a homerun hitting tear never before seen in Golden Stick history.  As a 3-man team, the Enemy amassed 137 homeruns in 2014 with Kevin Norris leading the way with 66 dingers himself.  Norris also drove in a ridiculous 156 runs and walked an absurd 96 times.  Both Norris and Sean Handahl slugged well over 1.000 and were the main culprits in the homerun barrage during the 2015 season.



Coming up the rear is Tyler Wegrzyn.  Ty only played in 25 games last season but was able to slash .414/.523/.920 while hitting 24 homeruns and collecting 67 RBIs.  Ty was equally nasty on the mound going 12-1 with a 3.86 ERA in 56 innings.  He also struck out 92 batters while walking 49.  Norris led the team in Ks with 126 in 77 innings of work, which works out to be a 6.5 K/9 ratio.


The Enemy were without Sean Handahl at Week 1 in NY but still performed well as a squad.  However, the Enemy were denied a chance to win their first title of 2015 when they were defeated by State Of Mind.  Is this the beginning of possibly the most difficult and testing year for the Enemy?  Will they struggle to win in the new format??  Will they be dethroned as NY Regional Champs???



Until they can be beaten on the biggest of stages, the Enemy are the class of New York.  Week 1 will most likely be an admiration for the Enemy.  However, with all kinds of shakeups occurring all over the league perhaps this will be the year that a select 3-man squad is able to dethrone the champs.  But until that day, expect the Enemy to win the Regional Championship and be New York’s, and Connecticut’s, representatives at the 2015 OPEN in Staten Island, NY.


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