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Reintroducing the Philly Region | YARD 2015

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Welcome to a new year full of exciting Wiffle® adventures in the Philly Yard League region. I'm WiffleBoy28 co-authoring with WifflinWalters00, for a super-special-awesome update article regarding the returners and newcomers in the Philly region. Six teams have been locked in as of 05/14/15, and they are:

Minute to win it... Again?

(1) The PA Minutemen are coming off their inaugural season, and what an impressive run it was. The red and blue won six of the eight events they played in last year, including the Philly Jamboree, the Philly Regional Playoffs, and the YARD OPEN, which they swept in impressive fashion. Right now, these guys have every reason to smile, and even more reason to keep on working, as they understand more than ever that former success does not guarantee future glory. 

The world needs more beautiful men!

(2) The stunning trio of the NJ Way Too Beautiful franchise appears to be back and ready for more Golden Stick action in 2015. Unfortunately for them, Adam Milsted will not be present for Week One on May 17th, forcing substitute player Brett Poulton into Milsted’s over sized outfielding shoes for the day. Look for the Beauties to search for key hits and consistent pitching to keep them in games all day (and all season) long. Statistics say, and you can quote me on this, that when Way Too Beautiful scores ten or more runs a game, they win 60% of the time every time. So make sure that doesn't happen.

Dem Swine boys are back and ready to roll!

(3) Speaking of offensive contribution, the healthy bats of the PA Swine will be back in action and potentially looking to re-brand. Sluggers Frank Primavera (.463 with 25 HR) and Eric Primavera (.421 with 17 HRs) both had ridiculously good rookie seasons, proving themselves worthy of mention among the top names in the Philly area. These guys had the potential to upturn the entire Philly Playoff outcome had they been able to attend in 2014, but they couldn't. So keep an eye on these guys, as the Swine Flu, when running rampant on Trevose grass, goes where it pleases.

 Tilted pitches will be thrown this summer!

(4) Possibly the most exciting development in the Philly region this year concerns the return of PA On Tilt, former fast pitch franchise now looking to make a splash in the PA YARD league. This retro team combines YARD league veterans Chris “Skip” Scipione and Greg Burgwald with former Fast pitch studs Chris Lallier and Dave Ashworth to round out an extremely talented squad. Ashworth is on the injured list for week 1, but it will take more than one week to find out how these Tilted gentlemen will fare in the world of slightly slower super-curves.

Go-Go-rillas could be a real contender!

(5) Dan Erhardt is the early frontrunner for owner of the year in 2015. Mr. E wasted no time this off season in getting the NJ Gashouse Gorillas competition ready. He signed former PA Hooligan owner Joe Walters in early December and reluctantly parted ways with kind-soul Mike Baumhauer in order to pick up the hottest Rookie in the market, Dan “Masi” Masi. They look to take leaps and bounds toward the top of the standings in 2015. But we must ask: Can Walters and Weiss hold teams at bay on the carpet? Can Erhardt put up as big of numbers in the box as he does in his classroom? Can Masi do it? I mean really do it?    

Dragons fly together!

(6) The DE Blue Dragons are back in blue, and the big news in Dragon Tale land is that Anthony Collicchio has successfully signed his younger brother David to compete alongside Ben Stant and himself. David Collicchio was a PA All Star back in 2012 who contributed during the epic “13 run comeback” which happened behind the Delcroft Elementary School building.

The potentials who we may or may not see: 

-Jesse Kulp, Tyler Orr, and Alec Shaffer are looking for a fourth player to join their (7) PA Tomahawks team

-A one-day team of Rookies will be touring the Philly region on the 17th, no clue what their McSkill level is like

-There have been rumblings of the (8) PA Bombers returning to the scene, possibly since they are Folcroft natives (more details to follow)

-AJ Galda (a NJ Wiffler who plays in Palisades) had expressed interest in forming a team, but that appears to have fallen through (RIP) 

-J. Kerins and B. Kerins have officially retired, leaving the High & Inside franchise without owners. But the BKid will be back as a sub on the 17th

Only one team will claim the top spot in Philly this year. Stay tuned for more details as the action unfolds this year at the Kopper Kettle complex. Play us out Rocky!

The Philly region in all it's glory!

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for an event #1 recap. Play us out Rocco!

“It Ain’t How Hard You Hit…It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward. It's About How Much You Can Take And Keep Moving Forward!” ― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

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