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Inside the Numbers – Opening Day New York Yard

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GSWL’s New York region was the benefactor of a number of important shakeups during the offseason. Of the 16 teams that were present on opening day, only ONE of them had the same roster that they ended the 2014 season with (State of Mind). Tack on to the three brand new teams and three MORE brand new teams that plan to attend NY2 and we have ourselves quite the little season budding. Let’s take a look at some of the more impressive numbers that were put up on opening day.

One of the biggest hot stove pieces throughout the offseason was the parity present in NY’s 2015 season. Despite the Enemy’s dominance over the past six years, league experts all insisted that this was the year of change. Week one was a testament to that statement. For the first time since opening day of 2013 every team in attendance had at least one loss. What’s more, for the first time since the league entered its most current format, a team other than the Enemy or Ten Run Rule won the day.


Another major change that the league brought to 2015 was a longer field. The walls were pushed back from about 105 feet to about 115, and it showed. Only 4 guys hit more than two homeruns on opening day and NONE of them are named Kevin Norris. That might also be the reason that we saw TEN pitchers post an ERA under 1.0


Statistically speaking, Eric Rosenberg was the best pitcher on the field. He lead the region in innings pitched, strikeouts and wins, and amazingly maintained a lower ERA (1.47) than his WHIP (1.68). This is impressive because he helped his team to a tournament victory, but it is even more impressive because this was his pitching debut. Rosie helped to take down the Swingmen, State of Mind, NY Inc., and two new teams, highlighting his ability to stretch his pitching out. Finally, he was able to accomplish all of this without any changeups or a knuckleball…not bad.


Despite winning the day, there were five teams that out hit Freaky Franchise. Leading the pack was (shocker) the Enemy, but right behind them were the 2-3 Playaz. The Playaz also placed third in OBP and total singles. The only problem was that the Playaz hit only three extra base hits, none of which were homeruns. It was a rough hitting day so we’ll chalk it up to that for now, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Playaz.


Truly inside the numbers:



21 different players hit a home run.

8 players hit a triple.

10 players totaled double digit hits.

468 total basses were accumulated on the day.

Matt Ventimiglia leads NY with 6 home runs.

Chris Sarno sr. had the most walks with 11.

Rookie Tyler Cann leads the league in batting average with .462



Eric Rosenberg had the most strikeouts on the day with 30, the next closest was Carlo DeGiovine with 18.

Rosenberg also threw the most innings with 19.

Ty Wegrzyn allowed the most homeruns with 5.

3 players registered a save (James Stein, Phill Zoppi, Phil Fresiello).


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