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Caught in a Web: 2015 NY Black Widows Outlook

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For 2015, the NY Black Widows look to be a more promising year. In a 2014 season with early subtractions and late additions, there was not enough time for consistent success for the Widows. Coming into a 2015 season will a 5-man roster, with 3 players returning, one veteran addition and one rookie addition, this season looks to be a season to remember for the Black Widows.









2014 STATS – 21 G, .163 AVG, .244 SLG, .226 OBP, 86 AB, 8 R, 14 H, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 7 BB.


Last season, 3-year veteran Tyler Adelle may have had his statistically speaking worst season in his career. Having a rough season both at the plate and on the mound, 2015 can be the comeback season that he wants, needs, and will fight for.





2014 STATS – 21 G, .341 AVG, .604 SLG, .388 OBP, 91 AB, 7 R, 5 HR, 13 RBI, 7 BB.


If the numbers don’t tell it, nothing will. Joe Mauro was clearly the MVP of the Black Widows franchise last season. With batting numbers like .341/.604/.388, 2015 is sure to be a promising season for Mauro.




2014 STATS – 9 G, .118 AVG, .118 SLG, .318 OBP, 34 AB, 5 R, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 10 BB.


Antonio Lipovec was a late recruit for the Black Widows last season due to the departure of former players. With 3 events remaining in the 2014 season, Antonio was called in to help contribute to the Black Widows, and found himself here to stay for 2015. As a player in his rookie season, more experience will be necessary for success, but from what he has shown during the offseason, becoming successful this season shouldn’t be an issue.








2014 STATS- 15 G, .228 AVG, .263 SLG, .302 OBP, 57 AB, 6 R, 0 HR, 8 RBI, 6 BB.


A free agent pickup from the NY Dragons, Chris Baio will prove to be a solid contact bat for the Widows. His arm may play the biggest factor for the team, with an ERA of 3.50 and 13 strikeouts.  Baio is in a spot to become dangerous on both sides of the field and be the X factor for the 2015 Widows.




2014 STATS – N/A


Coming into his rookie season, Pat Noonan showed great things during offseason practice. A solid arm and bat, Pat will definitely play a significant role for the Black Widows this season.

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