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2015 Playaz, Addition by Substraction

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The 2015 NY Playaz roster will look a lot different this season.  With the departure of Brian “B-Wiffs” Nguyen and James Stein, the Playaz needed to fill a void on the mound as well as in the batters box.  Both Drue Santora and owner Anthony D’Auria are back for another season and will continue to improve in all facets of the game with their respective offseason workout regiments.  Santora is entering his 4th season in GSWL and in 2014 slashed .356/.525/.627 and had the least amount of strikeouts on the team with 43.  On the mound, D’Auria significantly improved on his numbers from 2013 where his record was 2-10 with an ERA over five runs per game.  In 2014 D’Auria was 7-3 with a 3.66 ERA in 42 2/3 innings.

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Free agency was very tense for the Playaz.  FA’s like Frank Kollias, Tom Polly, Mike Polly, and Zach “Gongman” Riccobono all declined to join the Playaz.  Kollias and Tom Polly signed with the Hammerheads, Mike Polly had offseason surgery, and Gongman will tie the knot this summer.  D’Auria then contacted Carlo DeGiovine, who has not played since 2013.  Carlo informed D’Auria that he was interested and that his work schedule would be more conducive to a higher commitment level this season.  With that information, Carlo signed a 1-year deal in March, locking up the Playaz 2015 3-man roster.


DeGiovine provides extra depth at the top of the lineup because of his ability to take pitches, work counts, and get on base.  He will also work to secure a pitching rotation that has struggled to finish games over the last couple seasons.  The Playaz have lost close games late because of mental errors, meltdowns on the hill, and the classic game ending double play.  The men in orange and purple last year disappointed many with their weak showing at the OPEN and first round exit at the Players' Cup.  Perhaps that is why management has decided to return to the traditional Columbia blue color ensemble for the 2015 season.

Remember Players' Cup 2013?????


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