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MA Power Rankings

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#1 - BLACK WIDOWS-This team was simply thrown together last minute as each free agent saw their off season plans blow up in their face. From the ashes comes a potential juggernaut. After going undefeated Week 1 and being able to win a final w/o Parks who had to leave early, this team showed depth and determination. No doubt they will be a top 4 team in the region, but can they win it?


#2 - DTR-Their big signing in the off season was the legendary "Wiffman," but come Opening Day rumors spread that Wiffman was no more when it comes to GSWL. Moving quickly, owner Brian Dinapoli signed a defending National Champ in Ryan Foley and he immediately proved useful as DTR did their part to prove winning last year's regional title was no fluke. One thing to keep an eye on is whose their #2 pitcher and can they score enough runs to overcome the loss of Didio's arm?


#3 - HOOLIGANS - Great looking team on paper.  Coming off their 2013 knockout of MA Throwbacks, this Griffin led team can clearly beat anyone.  Upon arrival, Russ Heim should really put this team over the awesome edge.  They’ll be in the MA Final Four for sure. 


#4 - THROWBACKS-This is a team in flux. With no Pagano Week 1, and apparently no Leahy Weeks 2-3, will this new look roster ever develop the chemistry needed to defend its National title? If their woeful Week 1 performance is any indication, they're in trouble. Owner Papa Doom will have to work some magic just to fill out the roster or this team could be stuck on 3pts til Week 4. 


#5 - HUSTLERS-Another of MA's gritty gutty teams, the Hustlers sport a truly veteran roster each hungry to prove themselves and compete vs. the leagues best. All have won championships but none have ever been the best player on their team. Can this group of spare parts ride their Week 1 momentum into a Week 2 D1 Championship?


#6 - HIGH ROLLERS-Week 1 sparked controversy as this team were at odds with one another first on if they were accurately ranked as a AA team or if they should have been given the respect of a AAA rating. They later argued if DI or DII was the more appropriate forum to test their talents. They chose DI and gave the defending Regional champs all they could handle losing by a single run in the final inning. The future seems bright for this young group of upstarts. 


#7 - K'9S-Owner Cody Blake was ambitious taking his team into the D1 playoffs Week 1 to face the 8 seeded Throwbacks. The choice didn't pay off, but does that mean it was the wrong move? Perhaps not! This team with Zach Goodman on the mound has a credible chance to beat any team in the league but will their bats be able to compete? It seems Elliot Knower can always be spotted in a highlight reel hitting an emotional HR but can he hit enough of them this season to lead this team to where Blake envisions it going?


#8 - SCARECROWS-They may have had a legend sub for them Week 1 but the core of this team is solid. Rosenberg continues to do what he does, flat out mash and Jack Lemir was a pleasant surprise on the mound. His brother who is the team's true 3rd is said to be the team's ace. If this is true the Scarecrows might be thinking D1 titles are more intriguing that D2 ones.


#9 - HAMMERHEADS-Scott Martell worked hard to build this roster and should be very proud of the team's first outing. Evan Reardon looks terrific on the mound and Jimmy Flynn seems to be maturing into a very good player. Can this team of wiffle enthusiasts beat the odds as well as the best teams in MA? We can't wait to find out!


#10 - FOUNDERS - Ugh...The signing of Las Vegas mogul Matt Trzpis created some real pre-season excitement for the team.  Through the opener, the team also saw great promise from team journeyman Dominic Disanto.  But from there...there is nothing to be excited about.  Spellman’s dismal bat and Levesque’s inability to close out a game leave this team stranded at 0-5.  Still too good on paper to put lower than 9, no further comment for now.


#11 - LOUS DIAMONDS-New faces, same old story. This gritty gutty team continues to play one nail biter after another. They argue they are worse than their AAA rating but they claw and scrape for everything they get and that kind of determination usually pays off in the end. Ntm, having the Animal and Terminator on the sidelines instead of in the the field, automatically bumps them a rating position.


#12 - HIGHLANDERS-This team has a legitimate ace in the Golden Child but more times than not in Week 1 they were the hard luck losers. Will the bats come around enough to support the efforts on the hill or will this team run into the same stumbling blocks Week 2?


#13 - CRUSADERS-This team didn't show Week 1 but as they Owner Lewis Seton did many times last year, he suddenly appears and pitches gems. With one of the sickest curves in the league this team of rookies could be as good as the 2013 High Rollers. Week 2 will paint a much clearer picture.


#14 - BOSTON RAIDERS-Owner John Lebrun is determined to see his team improve week in and week out. He is ready to take on all challengers and knows with every beat down his squad will gain valuable experience. Stay tuned Week 2 for the unveiling of the Raiders customized uniforms, they are sure to be eye popping!


#15 - RTN - The Casey Mack led team is the typical first year team.  They’ll struggle.  However, clearly ball players it is thought that by week 3 or 4 they’ll begin to click and create some messes in the MA DII Division. 

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