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Back To (Yard) Work - Swine Flu Edition

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Okay Y’all, hope your Memorial Days were awesome!. Eat your burgers? Good. Go swimming? Good. Wear that out of date, all-while suit? Why?! …I mean good. Now that we got that out of the way, lets get back to what summer is really about. NY #2 had a 16 team brawl that ended with Ten Run Rule setting the bar for the region, now it’s PA’s turn to shine.


Headed into week two the PA team with the most points is…the PA swine?! Half of the league doesn’t know the name of a single player on this team, yet they sit #5 in the country here in the early goings of the 2014 season. They are hitting an astonishing .430 as a team, which is good for second on the east coast only to the PA Miuntemen. This is a team that has a legitimate shot at winning the GSWL $10,000 challenge.



The swine have made a killing by winning their early games and opting into Division 2 brackets, taking home money and playoff points in a fascinating combination of aggression and strategy.  The only cause for concern with this young team is their ability to trade blows with the nation’s elite teams; it will be a story to keep a close eye on as the season progresses. Will the Swine be able to compete in Division 1 playoff series, or will they continue to lay low and hope for the best come September? Despite the growing stability of the PA region, it is clearly still up for grabs, and the Swine have an early grip on the #1 seed.

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