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Sidekicks Becoming Heroes | A List Of The Little Known Wonders

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PA Gashouse Gorillas—Bryan Weiss

Applauded mostly for his good looks and top-notch Regional Directorship, Weiss’s time for individual recognition has come. 

Entering the league in 2012, Weiss looked forward to his steady role on the carpet. He threw four to five games that year and won near all of them, but he was forced to hand the reins over to secure names like Ian Crosby and Ed Packer shortly thereafter. He sat in a spot at the lower end of a lineup for the past two years and contributed with timely success whenever he could. 

But now Weiss is an everyday arm for the Gashouse Gorillas. He mixes off-speed pitches with pipe-sliding screws and should not be slept on in 2014, regardless of how slow his pitches come in. 

 PA Way Too Beautiful—Tim Ranck

Ranck has been around for a while now. He helped hatch the egg that became Sean Steffy and the PA Sticks Franchise of 2009. His name should be known—it might even be, by a few intelligent overseers— but, in a league so fascinated with medium pitch studs, Ranck deserves more. 

This bearded gentleman’s ability to pick spots on the pipe and work within a simple four pitch repertoire has surprised powerhouse teams time and time again. With big things expected out of Way Too Beautiful in 2014, Tim Ranck, ace, may grow into the baby-blue Batman suit he has waiting for him in the team closet. 

PA High and Inside—Joe Kerins

Kerins, currently known as the guy who abhors gas-balls, should not be an opposing pitcher’s preference. His ironically quick bat combines with an intimidating presence at the plate, and he frustrates veteran arms regularly. “I know from experience, dude.”

Joe Kerins exited week one with a .381 average, 3 homeruns, and the team’s lowest ERA. If the players from New York and Massachusetts are slotted against PA’s High and Inside, they should be wary of the big guy sporting number 2 on his back.

PA Swine—Their Entire Team

These rookies haven’t been met yet, but it won’t be long until all of GSWL knows of their flu-like, dangerous contagion. Made up of three brothers and one neighborhood friend, these Bensalem-bred baseball players swing a few of the best Moonsticks in PA. 

The Swine ran through the DII consolation pool last Sunday, and they did it by choice; they were quoted in their need for cash and weren’t surprised on their trek to a pay-out victory. The confidence, though, is well-deserved and class-acted. These quiet few have already put up loud numbers on known names like Ed Packer, Anthony Colicchio, and Tim Ranck. 

PA Blue Dragons – Ben Stant

This fourteen year old hot shot comes from the plentiful lands of YouTube and Delaware.  Ben, though inexperienced, has been throwing for some time. The movement on his ball (and the history of his YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Wiffleball48 ) proves that. He combines accuracy, movement, and speed, which usually translates into GSWL successes, but the kid has slowed himself into an 8.33 era, something completely foreign to his natural skill set. 

Once he is able to add pitching acumen and experience to his already impressive repertoire, he will surely become a feared, young arm among GSWL ranks.

PA Minutemen—Kyle Kaminskas

While not technically a little-known player, Kyle Kaminskas has woken his bat from a 2013 slumber, and it demands immediate recognition. Through two weeks of play, he has proven to be the Minutemen’s consistent bat, hiding in the third spot behind Super-hero Sean Steffy and a struggling (if one could call a .400 average struggling) Ed Packer. 

Kaminskas’s tight change-ups and timely spots on the mound have already deemed themselves worthy of notice throughout his career, but his resurging bat is what makes Kyle deserving of the household name his counterparts have already been granted.

PA Hooligans—Fourth Man

The Hooligans’ success relies on the consistent presence of an invisible, powerful man in their lineup. 

This team entered the league in 2012 and solidified themselves as screamers early on—Hooligans, even. 2014 has proven the same. 


The presence of Mr. Mo-Mentum has already reared its attractive head against PA’s High and Inside in week one, and it seems that he will not be leaving any time soon. Spectators and players alike have had the misfortune of watching and listening to incoherent garbage spewing itself onto Hooligan score sheets, and nothing less is expected in the upcoming future.

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