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Player Focus | Brian Nguyen

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After a Payer’s cup victory in 2013, the NY Playaz wanted to make a strong statement week one by coming out of the gate hot. While a 3-2 record is nothing to scoff at, the Playaz only managed to scrap together 8 points in the national standings. With NY 2 calling for a forecast of sixteen teams, this week will be huge for a ‘middle of the pack’ team like the Playaz. There’s one problem though: they’re missing their ace.

The absence of 2013 K King James Stein will force Brian Nguyen to take on a large amount of added responsibility, both on the carpet and at the dish. Nguyen has put up respectable numbers during his two years in the GSWL, but this week will be his chance to break out and establish his presence as a top tier player. The Playaz will likely make sure that only Nguyen and owner Anthony D’Auria throw, leaving Drue Santora to hit and play the outfield. Nguyen will have his shot early in the day to prove that he is capable of stepping into the role of “co-ace”

“I think this is a good thing”, remarks Stein, who cannot attend due to undisclosed reasons, “The new format can be tough when a team has 3 pitchers, dropping it down to two relieves a bit of the uncertainty of ‘am I pitching this game or that game?’ you just go every other game, it’s simple”. Look for Nguyen to come out aggressive this Sunday and elevate his team to the net level.

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