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For those seeking the thrill of competition mixed with some childhood memories, Golden Stick is the perfect place for you. Golden Stick offers a professional atmosphere, whether your here to have fun, or test your skills against the best. You know there was once a day in your backyard that you pretended to be your baseball hero, crushing that game-winning homer. Or perhaps you were your favorite pitcher, striking out the side in the 9th for a perfect game. Golden Stick provides the atmosphere, the players create the story.

Greg Burgwald
On Tilt, PA


"If it wasn't for the Golden Stick events, I'd still be playing wiffleball in a parking lot with 3 other people. My life would be 80% less enjoyable."

Gerard Fitzgerald
Bad Chemistry, NY


My heart yearns to compete. There is no better place to compete then Golden Stick. If the thought of being called a "National Champion" doesn't feel good inside, then maybe this isn't for you... This is the only organization in wiffle that can put those two words after your name in September.

Peter "Moc" Mocabeea
Great West Gunslingers, CA



Golden Stick Wiffleball is the BEST competition around. Period. Every aspect of the league is top notch and no expenses are spared, if you want to play on the most professional stage in wiffleball Golden Stick is where you need to be.

Phil Frisiello
Bad Chemistry, NY 


"Golden Stick isn't just insanely good wiffleball, it's a community. I look forward to Golden Stick events months in advance because I'm addicted to everything it has to offer. One of the best decisions I ever made was joining GSWL"

Brendan Black
Diablos, MA



"Golden Stick has thrust WIFFLE ball out of the toy/game category, and into a highly competitive, organized sport. This league has created a dynamic venue that features an array of talent and abilities. The organization and format is second to none in terms of professionalism; and never before, has a genuine culture of players taken WIFFLE competition so seriously. To play in Golden Stick is truly a one of a kind experience."

Scott Martell
MA Hammerheads, MA



I have played Golden Stick wiffle since 2009. I love it because you get to play against the very BEST wiffle ball players in the country. It's a level of talent that's ridiculous, and it simply can't be found anywhere else.

Mike Foley
MA Piranhas, MA



What Golden Stick means to me. It is everything I could have ever dreamed of growing up as a kid playing this game. More than an outlet to showcase how talented a lot of these kids are and how great this game is. Its a league of extraordinary players and people playing the game of wiffle ball at its highest level. Golden Stick for me is everything when come to the game of wiffle ball. For me its keeping the dream alive.

Fred Bastedo
PA Crusaders, PA


Why do I LOVE GoldenStick? Simplest question I've ever been asked. GoldenStick provides an atmosphere unlike any other. I get to be mentioned by people who lived in California/ Massachusetts/ Georgia because of you guys. I feel like a celebrity in a world that not many know about but should. It is one of the greatest things I've ever been a part of. Gives me a chance to be a hero, to be something I've always dreamed of being...a professional.

Joe Walters
PA Venom, PA


I am a 36 year old in Massachusetts that got involved in with GSWL in 2006. Aside from family, friends, and work, it's been the most important thing in my life since. The level of competition and the guys in the league are unmatched by anything else out there. Come play one week and you'll be hooked.

Dave Fisher
MA Piranhas, MA


Hello my name is Paul Coutoumas aka Boomer. I will be entering my 9th season in the GSWL. From season one day one in cargo shorts and raggy old tee shirt to the last day of my 8th season in a full uniform the GSWL has been amazing. The competition is as intense as any sport I have ever played. But its the players and people that make it what it is. From the commish all the way down to the 300th player that comes for a week. The classiness, respect and energy from top to bottom is why I will continue playing in this league for as long as I can.

Paul “Boomer” Coutoumas
Phenoms, CT


I have played organized Wiffleball in leagues and tournaments for the better part of twenty five years and I can honestly say that nothing comes close to the experience of being on a Golden Stick field. I am coming into my 9th season of playing in this league and it gets better every year Whether you are a superstar, novice or over the hill wiffler like myself, this league has something to offer you. The great fields, uniforms, web site and atmosphere are all worth the price and the feel is as close to the big leagues as you will ever see. 

Joe Love
MA Risers, MA

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