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About Us

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Since 1953 the game of Wiffle®ball has sprinkled the lives of millions of people young and old with the perfect balance of old fashioned fun and ultimate competition. Whether at a family picnic OR national title game, life seemingly hangs in the balance with every pitch. It is the classic battle between pitcher and hitter and for all the glory, whether before the eyes of many, or even when nobody is watching.

Golden Stick Wiffle®ball League has harnessed this dynamic and done with the game what only the most foolish dreamed possible. Hence, our slogan, "A Backyard Game Taken Way Too Far..."

GSWL started in Danvers, MA in 2002. For years it functioned in MA only. In 2009, the league expanded to NY making way for the first ever GSWL National Championship in Las Vegas. In 2010, Golden Stick expanded further with GSWL events held in 15 major cities across the country. To date, Golden Stick has sanctioned more than 350 events from Boston to California, each year it's teams strive for the common goal of a national championship. Within this structure exist many ways for sponsors to shine. From various elements of the league's equipment, it's vast online footprint, right down to the players themselves, Golden Stick is a dynamic platform for today's fast moving companies to advertise. Demographically boundless and sitting atop a game engrained in the lives of so many people, Golden Stick Wiffle®ball is where it is at in the game. GSWL features both Fast Pitch and speed restricted leagues creating the perfect playing field for players and teams of all talents and styles.

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